#GugurkanStigma (Abort the Stigma 2.0)

This series of 3 videos explores the possibility of men becoming pregnant. It begs the question, what would it be like if a man was pregnant and had to terminate the pregnancy?


Abort the Stigma 1.0

A collaboration with the For Youth Initiative Kuala Lumpur (FYIKL) team, this campaign aimed to create awareness on the stigma surrounding abortion in Malaysia. One of the main highlights was a pioneer public art exhibition on abortion held at RexKL on the 28th of September 2019. 12 Malaysian artists were commissioned to portray a collection of intimate experiences of Malaysian women with abortion (submitted anonymously). 

RRAAM x P’sang #doityourway

RRAAM, in collaboration with innovative Malaysian condom company, P’sang, launched a Valentine’s Day campaign in February 2020 to increase awareness on consent and contraception. The campaign aimed to promote safe sex through an online series on Instagram and Twitter to engage with the community. The discussion centred around topics such as STD awareness, sex positivity, the morning after pill, and protection during intercourse.  


A collaboration with the For Youth Initiative Kuala Lumpur (FYIKL) team, this campaign took place during the Covid-19 lockdown period (March-June 2020) as a series of tweets in Bahasa Malaysia. The purpose of this campaign was to engage with Malaysian users on Twitter on various topics including menstrual products, STIs and birth control to encourage practising safe sex. The campaign also did a giveway of period products such as menstrual cups and reusable cloth pads to 7 winners.

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