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Women friendly clinics in Malaysia

Kindly contact RRAAM Hotline on WhatsApp at +60183687950 to receive the list of women-friendly clinics offering safe and affordable abortion services and contraceptive counselling. We highly appreciate your feedback on your experiences to ensure that the RRAAM network remains a safe space for women seeking services. You are advised to make an appointment and to speak with the doctor should you have any inquiries.

What is the RRAAM Hotline?

We remain connected to clients through the RRAAM Hotline. It is a free consultation service, run by our panel of counsellors, to provide information on safe, affordable and women-friendly medical and surgical abortion services and contraceptive methods available to you. If you have any questions,

Reach out to us via our Hotline on WhatsApp at +60183687950 or use the ‘chat with us’ buttonĀ to speak with a RRAAM Hotline counsellor today.

Donate to the RRAAM Hotline

RRAAM is a non-governmental organisation that depends on funding to continue providing information on sexual and reproductive health services. The RRAAM hotline is operated by a team of volunteer advisors.

We would highly appreciate any contributions that you would like to make towards keeping the hotline active and to ensure that our advisors are fairly compensated for their work.

If you would like to make a donation, you can do so to the following bank account:

Account Name: Persatuan Hak Kesihatan Wanita
Bank Name: CIMB
Account Number: 8009105857

Thank you for your contribution and keeping the RRAAM hotline operational.

RRAAM Abortion Hotline Report 2020

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