Contraceptive pills:

Some FPAs (now called null) offer these services discreetly. One state FPA offers contraceptive pills for single people if they are above 21 years of age at an affordable RM4.50 per cycle. With bulk purchasing, this FPA has a community concept program whereby general practitioners can register to obtain subsidized contraceptives from them.

Male condoms:

Male condoms are sold by FPAs at 50 sen each per pack of three, or can be bought in bulk in loose packs. Free contraceptives are given to 18-24 year olds from marginalized groups such as drug-users and HIV-positive youth.


The copper IUD would cost RM100-150 for check up and insertion. The Mirena is expensive, costing RM700-800. Insertion is a simple 10 minute procedure under local anaesthetic.

Abortion pill (medication abortion):

The abortion pill available in Malaysia is Misoprostol under trade name Cytotec. It is available on prescription but many pharmacies don’t strictly adhere to rules. They should cost between 4-5 ringgit for a 200 mg. tab. You will need about 12 tabs in divided doses to cause the abortion. Read up on the website for fuller information before you buy them.

Surgical abortion:

Anywhere from RM250-RM2,000, depending on location and doctor