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Quick Facts on Abortion Services in Malaysia

1. Legality
Abortion has been permitted by law since 1989 for risks of injury to the mental and physical health of the woman when performed by a qualified doctor. (Please refer to the report of the Malaysian Medical Association Ethics Committee 2009/2010 and Ministry of Health national guidelines on termination of pregnancy 2012.)

2. Methods and Size of Pregnancy
a) For pregnancies below 9 weeks, abortion by pills (medical abortion) is safe and effective in more than 95% of cases. Comprehensive information is available at www.womenonweb.org. This medication is only available from this website as it has not been registered in Malaysia.
b) For pregnancies of up to 12 weeks, removal of the pregnancy using suction (vacuum aspiration) can be done under local anaesthesia as a day care procedure.
c) For pregnancies later than 12 weeks, this is usually done in a hospital facility.

All these methods are safe, and are in fact many times safer than a full term pregnancy in relation to health risks to the pregnant women.

3. Availability
a) Private sector: Many doctors provide abortions in private clinics and hospitals but information is sometimes difficult to obtain due to many providers wishing to avoid the perceived stigma associated with abortions. Our hotlines will advise you on where to to get information on safe local providers depending on your location.

b) Public sector: There is yet (as of December 2013) no firm official policy on abortion services in government facilities but presently our feedback from clients is that such services are difficult to obtain as there is a general perception that it is not encouraged by the ‘authorities.’ A new official guideline on abortion has been approved in September 2012 but this may take some time to be implemented effectively.

4. Additional information
If you have an unplanned pregnancy and wish to have a termination (induced abortion) within the framework of the law, please read the information below before you contact us.
a. RRAAM is an advocacy project with the objective of protecting women’s rights to safe abortion services if and when they need them. We provide accurate clinical information on abortion methods as well as referrals to reliable providers of surgical or medical abortions depending on your choice and location.
b. We may refer you directly to the doctor or through a reliable third party. This correspondence is absolutely confidential and is only accessible to the coordinator of the hotline, Dr SP Choong, Co-Chair, RRAAM (+6012-477-2551).
c. Data collection. This is to help us improve our services. We need certain data for us to give you the best advice on your options and also to evaluate the effectiveness of our service. However, be assured that your identity, contact number and email address will be deleted after 2 weeks or when you have responded to our query on the outcome of our advice and information.
d. Please fill in the pro forma below and send it to us with your email query. Providing this data is voluntary. You can skip any or all questions you prefer to keep private but facts on the pregnancy are a useful guide to your options.
Username: …………………………..
Age: …….
Married/single: …….
Pregnancy size (by dates/scan): ………….
Number of living children: ……………
Location: …………………………..
Occupation: ……………………….
Religion: ………………………….
Preference for surgical / medical abortion (pills): …….
Any health problems: …………………………………………..

e. You can use email, SMS or WhatsApp to tell us your problem with any relevant information on your situation and we shall reply within 24 hours of receipt.
f. If you wish to consult us by telephone, we would appreciate your texting us with your username before calling Dr Choong on these days and at these times.

Dr SP Choong (+6012-477-2551) –
Saturdays & Sundays – 10am to 12.30 pm.

However in any emergency situation you may call us any any time

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Dr. SP Choong: Co-chair, RRAAM


In every large city, there are at least a couple of clinics that perform abortions that people have heard about through the local grapevine. The local FRHAM clinic usually has a list of clinics with which to make referrals for women who request these services. These clinics are considered safe.

Based on the population of Malaysian cities, it is estimated that there are at least 240 clinics nationwide offering abortion services, but not all have been vetted for quality of service or safety. RRAAM is in the process of developing a provider network of quality clinics.

There are two abortion options available to you – a medical/medication abortion or a surgical abortion (vacuum aspiration procedure).

1) Medical/medication abortion
Mifepristone or RU486 is not registered in Malaysia, which means you can’t get these pills from government hospitals or pharmacists. Nevertheless, it is a safe World Health Organization (WHO) approved drug for medical abortion. They are produced and available legally in many neighbouring countries, and some supplies come here via unofficial channels. However, the best way of obtaining these tablets with full instructions is via the website www.WomenOnWeb.org. This is a non-profit organization helping to make medical abortion available at lower costs. This website is a partner of RRAAM and is totally reliable. There are many existing websites selling fake abortion tablets and you would be advised to avoid them.

Very few doctors in Malaysia provide medication abortion (MA) as a routine. We advise all clients seeking medication abortions to go into the www.WomenOnWeb.org website, read the instructions carefully and, if you are a suitable client for MA, then get the medication from their site. It will be cheaper that seeking surgical abortion in a local clinic. We are affiliated with www.WomenOnWeb.org and can vouch that their drugs are totally reliable. You can also mention you got the introduction from RRAAM.

N.B. In making your decision, you should know that any use or sale of a drug that is not registered by the Drug Control Authority in Malaysia is illegal and that the user is wholly responsible for any complications/ adverse events that may arise.

2) Surgical abortion
Once you have received a referral for an abortion provider, please contact the local GP or gynaecologist. Make sure they have a nursing care facility within their clinic. For a vacuum aspiration abortion, the whole process takes about three hours and you can go back home on the same day. Ensure you have post-abortion care and information on contraceptives to prevent any other unintended pregnancy. The abortion procedure should cost between RM800 and RM1500, depending on the gestation period of the pregnancy, and the region of the country where the clinic is located.

For information on locating an abortion clinic, please contact:

1) Email: Please use the form “Ask Us a Question” on this page to communicate with us

If you have an unplanned pregnancy and need counselling, please contact:

2) Federation of Reproductive Health Associations of Malaysia (FRHAM)
(formerly Federation of Family Planning Associations of Malaysia (FFPAM))
8l-B Jalan SS 15/5A
Subang Jaya 47500
t 603 5633-7514, 603 5633-7516, 603 5633-7528
f 603 5634-6638

Phone numbers for FRHAM branches in Malaysia:
Johor 07 333 7772
Kedah 04 732 1280
Kelantan 09 743 2407
Melaka 06 284 4475
Negri Sembilan 06 762 2969
Pahang 09 566 6403
Penang 04 282 5191
Perak 05 547 7849
Perlis 04 976 0739
Sabah 088 245 209
Sarawak 082 426 982, 082 244 629

Follow this link to the state FRHAM member association closest to you.