Sexual health

Information on our reproductive systems and our sexual health is crucial to women, yet simply having the information is often not enough. To be able to to take care of ourselves and protect ourselves sexually, women need economic opportunities that empower us to plan our life choices; access to good health care; safety in our homes; and respect from our partners. We also need the opportunity to develop the self-esteem and self-respect that allow us to feel we are worth caring for and worth protecting (from Our Bodies, Ourselves).

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Note: RRAAM is making a correction to the MOH website about abortion being haram except on medical groundsThis can be seen through the Penal Code provisions below:

The Penal Code 312 (Amendment) Act 1989 effected a change in the law relating to abortion. It would not be an offence to carry out a miscarriage if:
a) a medical practitioner registered under the Medical Act 1971 undertakes the procedure; and
b) such practitioner is of the opinion, formed in good faith, that the continuance of the pregnancy would involve risk to the life of the pregnant woman, or injury to the mental or physical health of the pregnant woman, greater than if the pregnancy were terminated.

Akta Kanun Keseksaan 312 (Pindaan) 1989 dilaksanakan perubahan dalam undang-undang yang berhubungan dengan pengguguran. Ia tidak akan menjadi suatu kesalahan untuk menjalankan keguguran jika: –
a) pengamal perubatan yang didaftarkan di bawah Akta Perubatan 1971 menjalankan prosedur;
b) pengamal itu berpendapat, yang terbentuk di dalam niat yang baik, bahawa penerusan kehamilan itu akan melibatkan risiko kepada kehidupan dari wanita yang hamil, atau kecederaan kepada kesihatan mental atau fizikal dari wanita yang hamil, lebih besar daripada jika kehamilan ditamatkan.