Under the fatwa developed in 2002 by Muzakarah Jawatankuasa Fatwa Majlis Kebangsaan, abortion is makruh (not encouraged) for up to 40 days, harus (permissible) for up to 120 days and haram (forbidden) beyond that except to save the life of the mother or if there is fetal impairment. This national liberal fatwa is in keeping with the majority of Muslim countries where abortion is conditionally permitted for health and sometimes social reasons up to the time of ensoulment, usually around four months.

Regarding syariah law, will a Muslim woman have a problem, or a doctor have a problem servicing a Muslim woman requesting an abortion?
No. The Penal Code applies to all citizens in Malaysia, both Muslim and non-Muslim. If there is any conflict with syariah law, the Penal Code would have to be amended.

There is no passage in any religious text that forbids women from choosing to terminate a pregnancy, or that condemns those who help them.