Access to Reproductive Health Services the Key

The Sun, Letters to the Editor Posted on 15 November 2011 – 05:17am I REFER to your interesting AFP report “How many is too many?” (Oct 24) on issues relating to the world’s population explosion estimated to reach seven billion by end October 2011. Indeed, it is clear that while climate change and environmental degradation […]

Woman’s Right to Decide

The Sun, Letters to the Editor 4 October 2011 – 05:13am IN reference to recent reports on World Contraception Day on Sept 26, we would like to highlight another related international day for action – the Global Campaign for the Decriminalisation of Abortion Day, which fell on Sept 28. As the country representative of the […]

Baby Dumping: Allow for Termination of Pregnancy

The New Straits Times, Letters to the Editor 2011/04/05 HEALTH Equity Initiatives supports Reproductive Rights Advocacy Alliance Malaysia’s call for women to have more control over their reproductive health and have access to the termination of pregnancy services (“Is abortion the answer” — New Sunday Times, Feb 13). We do not view termination of pregnancy […]

Abortion: Consider the Harsh Realities

The New Straits Times, Letters to the Editor 2011/04/03 WE refer to the letters “Have easy adoption, free contraception” and “No easy way out of parenting” (New Sunday Times, March, 13). In them, the Reproductive Rights Advocacy Alliance Malaysia (RRAAM) was accused of promoting abortion as a one-stop solution for baby dumping. Nothing could be […]

Moralistic Approach to Baby Dumping Ineffectual

The Sun, Letters to the Editor Fri, 04 Mar 2011 HEALTH Equity Initiatives is very concerned about the current debates on baby dumping and infanticide that once again seem to adopt a moralistic approach, which has proved ineffectual in dealing with this long-standing problem. As such, we laud the call by federal police CID director […]

Trust Women to Make the Right Choices

The Star Sunday February 27, 2011 I REFER to the letters “Unborn child has moral right to life” (The Star, Feb 22) and “A child is a precious gift from God” (The Star, Feb 23). The Asian Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (Arrow), which is a regional organisation working for women’s rights, believes […]

Early Abortion Much Safer than Full-term Delivery

The Star Letters to the Editor Wednesday February 16, 2011 REPRODUCTIVE Rights Advocacy Alliance Malaysia (RRAAM) refers to “We need to be open-minded” (The Star, Feb 12) in dealing with teen pregnancies and baby dumping. We concur with his sentiments in placing the blame on all of us, not just on the women and girls. […]

Abandoned Babies: Role of Safe Abortions Ignored

The New Straits Times, Letters to the Editor 2011/01/08 I REFER to your report on the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) forum on the problem of abandoned babies in Malaysia. The Reproductive Rights Advocacy Alliance Malaysia, which was represented by Rashidah Abdullah, said the low contraceptive usage in Malaysia was a serious problem. It […]

Baby Dumping Part of Bigger Problem

The Sun Friday October 15, 2010 OVER the last four months, teen mums and abandoned babies have captured headlines in media across the country. We support the media highlighting such important issues for public debate. However, we note with regret that public debate and government responses on these issues have been tentative and unrealistic in […]

Let Women Decide on Abortions

The Sun Mon, July 26, 2010 I REFER to “An unexpected gift” (MyConstitution, July 21). As the article points out, there is general ignorance of the law but this is alarming when it exists even among the medical and nursing fraternity. This may explain why so many doctors who do provide abortions are reluctant to […]