What we do

RRAAM plans and implements activities to meet its stated objectives.

In 2011, these included:

  • Three RRAAM state seminars for a total of about 380 doctors and nurses;
  • A media consultation;
  • Upgrading of the website which is in the final stages;
  • Production of nine written women’s stories and three digital stories, preceded by a capacity building workshop;
  • A consultation on Islam and abortion;
  • A Policy Advocacy Seminar in collaboration with Asia Safe Abortion Partnership (ASAP);
  • A Strategic Planning meeting on unintended pregnancies with NGO allies;
  • A reproductive rights seminar for 110 University law students;
  • Poster presentation and participation in the annual O and G Congress;
  • Letters to the editor, and;
  • About five presentations in local and regional conferences.