Support us

1) How you, the public, can support us  

  • Demand that the government be held accountable in implementing international commitments which greatly affect women’s health, such as the sex education curriculum in schools.
  • Allow women themselves to be the main decision maker about whether or not an unwanted pregnancy is injurious to their physical and mental health, if they need contraception or an abortion, and what methods they prefer.
  • Be open to listening to women’s feelings, circumstances and health concerns about contraception and unwanted pregnancies and be supportive.
  • Listen respectfully to young people and be understanding and supportive of their sexual and reproductive health needs and decisions.
  • Be courageous and speak out on these reproductive health and rights issues in your NGO, hospital, clinic, family, and in the media.
  • Lobby policy makers and the public for the implementation of sexuality education in schools.
  • Purchase the video “Living and Growing,” a sex education program, for your adolescent or teenager.

2) How health professionals can support us

  • Take more time as a doctor, nurse, midwife or family planning worker to accurately inform and educate all people, without discrimination of age, marital status or citizenship, on the need for contraception and on the various methods, including emergency contraception, especially if they have previously had an unwanted pregnancy or an abortion.
  • Provide legal, compassionate, non-judgemental and affordable quality abortion services to all women whose mental and physical health is at risk, especially disadvantaged women and women of low income, on a sliding scale according to their financial circumstances.
  • Refer women to other doctors if you do not provide abortion services.
  • Understand and respect the law and women’s and young peoples’ needs and rights, setting aside your own personal beliefs and religious views if they differ from your clients, thus acting professionally and ethically.
  • Remember that your expertise is in health, not religion or ethics, and clients have the right to decide what is best for them according to their own conscience.
  • Purchase the video “Connecting the Head and the Heart: Abortion Counseling” to improve your counseling services.
  • Join our network of supportive women-friendly providers of abortion services.

3) How NGOs can support us

  • Advocate for all women’s right to access quality, affordable reproductive health services, including contraception and legal abortion.
  • Advocate for the evaluation and improvement of contraceptive services in order to increase contraceptive use and meet women’s unmet needs for contraception.
  • Know and publicise which government hospitals and private clinics offer quality, affordable and women-centred contraceptive services and legal abortion services.
  • Request doctors to provide contraceptive and abortion services more openly and cheaply.
  • Purchase the video “Connecting the Head and the Heart: Abortion Counseling” if you provide such services.