Mission & objectives


To safeguard and support women’s right to improved abortion and contraception services, and to inform, educate and advocate on these reproductive rights issues.


  1. Maintain an effective multi-disciplinary alliance on abortion advocacy issues which is able to impact on law, policy and services and women’s better access to abortion and contraceptive services.
  2. Produce and communicate new influential evidence on the need for better access to quality, affordable and gender-sensitive abortion and contraceptive services.
  3. Educate women, youth, the public, NGOs, reproductive health service providers and the media accurately on the legality, availability and rights to abortion and contraception so that there is an increased public demand for and better access to legal, quality abortion and contraceptive services.
  4. Advocate for the better education and training of doctors, including expansion of the curriculum, and a more liberal position on abortion in the Malaysian Medical Council, the Ministry of Health and government hospitals.